UCL Agent‑Based Modelling Working Group

Agent-based modelling software

Here you will find some information about some of the most commonly used agent-based modelling software packages and links to their webpages where the software can be downloaded.


NetLogo is a well-developed, user friendly programme which was originally created as a teaching tool. It is supported by extensive documentation, tutorials and a user's forum, as well as an extensive models library and a user's manual available online. It allows the integration of GIS data, as well as having 2D and 3D modelling displays. Although it has its own language, it is very similar to Java.

Repast Symphony (Repast-S)

Repast-S is the latest in a long line of software that originally developed from Swarm (see below). It therefore has one of the best functionalities of all ABM softwares and supports other programmes for statistical and network analysis, visualisation, data mining, and spreadsheets. It has 2D and 3D modelling displays and a random number generator among others. Latest developments include 'projections' which give agents their own space and relationship definition.


MASON (Multi-Agent Simulation Of Neighbourhoods) is designed for the fast running of computationally demanding models - those with multiple agents and interations. 2D and 3D visualisation can be added and an extensive model library is available.


Swarm was the first agent-based modelling tool, originally developed in 1994. It allows different 'swarms' of agents on different levels to interact with each other, and uses C rather than Java. It has an extensive library, but is less user friendly than software such as NetLogo for non-programmers.

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